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Song Collab With Stic.Man Of Dead Prez


This is your chance to have Stic of Dead Prez bless your upcoming project with an original 16 bar verse. Please send an mp3 of the track along with a detailed concept description. Stic will review the request and make sure he digs the direction and then give his approval to move forward. Stic will compose and record an original verse that is yours to use with full clearance rights. This is an awesome experience to co-create with a veteran emcee songwriter and producer on YOUR project. Only 3 fans will get the opportunity. We will send you a reference recording and the master vocal files ready for mixing. http://www.bandpage.com/sticmanofdeadprez/experiences/song-collaboration-with-stic.man-of-dead-prez/204713778577690624

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